Site Investigation Manchester

Contract: Large Construction Chemicals and Products Manufacturing Works in Manchester

Client: Confidential

Summary of Works Undertaken by The Land Consultancy Ltd: – Desk Study, Site Investigation Works and Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment

Previous and Current Land Usage: Cotton Mill (1880-1940’s), a soap and cleaning products factory (1950’s to 1970’s) and construction chemicals and products manufacturing from 1970’s to present day.

Proposed Development: Depending upon the results of the environmental site investigation works and potential estimated remediation costs the client would decide to either: sell the site for residential redevelopment purposes; or, remain and continue to improve the property for its current construction chemical/products manufacturing usage.

A detailed Phase I desk study and site walkover survey was initially undertaken which identified numerous potential sources of contamination on this complex industrial 2.5Ha site. Several mine shafts were also identified. Phase II site investigation works and associated chemical testing encountered large amounts of contamination over some areas of the site. When compared to published screening values, this contamination was considered to pose a risk to human health (current workers, post re-development workers/residential property occupants and to off-site residents); and, to a nearby watercourse. Gas and groundwater monitoring works were undertaken. Based on the results of the investigation and estimated remedial costs, the client decided to continue and improve the existing chemicals manufacturing facilities.

Subsequent groundwater modelling and more detailed risk assessment work indicated that offsite residents and the nearby watercourse were unlikely to be at risk from site borne contamination. Consequently, remediation works were not considered necessary.

The Land Consultancy Limited provided environmental consultancy advice between Autumn 2007 and Autumn 2008.